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telescopic trowel

The Original Telescopic Trowel®

Great For:

  • Roofing
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Masonry
  • Finishing
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Stucco
  • Drywall
  • Home Repairs
  • Even Archeology!
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Save time and money with our no mess extendable trowel head that easily reaches into any 5 gallon container or roofing cement or glue. Save your aching back and time on the job by using the telescopic trowel to help reach down and spread your roofing cement on the eve metal before shingle application. The long reach extension is great for working up under roof soffits, under AC units, or any other hard-to-reach area. Easy clean-up with our removable, unscrewable attachment for each trowel head. The Telescopic Trowel® is made of durable, long-lasting aluminum and construction grade plastic with a firm grip handle. Patent Pending.

Some Words About Us at Telescopic Trowel®

Scott Bridges has been in roofing and construction for 34 years! His experience makes him well qualified in the needs of contractors as well as homeowners in their search for new and exciting tools that make their projects go smoother with state of the art products.

The Telescopic Trowel® will help keep your project cleaner with its extendable trowel for easy reach into any 5 gallon container of roofing cement, tar, mortar, stucco, or thin set. In addition to saving your back, the telescopic trowel offers many advantages in roofing and repairs. The extended reach helps out when flashing walls, reaching under roof gables with roofing tar, and spreading roof tar on drip edge metal before shingling, a grueling and dangerous feat on most roofs and especially when there is a steep pitch. Our new Telescopic Trowel® with its extra reach capabilities keeps you safer and helps you bend over less when performing these roofing techniques. Try yours today!

Our exclusive million square foot manufacturing facility has attained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications by strict control of productivity and the use of highly advanced equipment. That makes Telescopic Trowel's quality and durability second to none.

The Telescopic Trowel® is Patent Pending!

Telescopic Trowel® Pricing Information:

Part Number Description Size Retail Price
TH-58130 Telescopic Trowel Square Margin 5 Inch $17.95
TH-58147 Telescopic Trowel Large Round 7 Inch $19.45
TH-58154 Telescopic Trowel Pointed Margin 6 Inch $17.95
TC- 58161 Trowel Change-Out Large Round 7 Inch $7.45
TC-58178 Trowel Change-Out Pointed 6 Inch $6.25
TC-58999 Trowel Change-Out Square Margin 5 Inch $6.25
TH-60000 Telescopic Handle Only - Fits All N/A $14.95

Discounts available for volume.

Contractor Pricing Available

Wholesale Pricing Available

The Telescopic Trowel® the world's best roofing tool and more!

Still haven't got the hang of your skywalker stilts? Try having a little extra reach with the telescopic trowel - one of the greatest innovations to hit roofing trowels, margin trowels, pointing trowels, all masonry trowels, concrete trowels, finishing trowels, drywall trowels, and any other type of trowel you can think of! Any trowel whether for concrete or even archeology can benefit from the telescopic trowel's extractable handle. No need for manual screw on extensions to make your roofing trowel a long handled roofing trowel. You can simply extend the telescopic handle and get your desired reach right on the spot turning your roofing trowel into one of the best roofing tools in existence. Once again, this technology isn't limited to just roofing and is compatible with trowels of all shapes and sizes including: drywall trowels, masonry trowels, stucco trowels, concrete trowels, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, rounded, pointed, square, margin, heavy duty trowels, and more! The telescopic trowel will give you more reach with your 5 inch roofing trowel, 6 inch roofing trowel, or 7 inch roofing trowel, but that's just the beginning. This is a heavy duty, construction grade trowel that is built to last in any application you put it! When you go to your hardware store or roofing supply store looking for the best roofing repair tool, stucco repair tool, glue trowel, contractor trowel, digging trowel, masonry trowel, plaster trowel, tile trowel, insulator trowel, or even a trowel for archaeological digs if your an archaeologist looking for an archeology trowel, look for the telescopic trowel and know that you're getting a premium trowel with the extra reach you need to get your job done easier and cleaner.

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